The Standard Gallery System

With optional add-on Lighting

This is our heavy duty system designed for Gallery and commercial use, however also often used in the home.
Consists of 2 or 3m track in white or silver anodised, Clear Tape, Clearline or Stainless Steel hangers and Standard, Push-button or Push-button Security hooks. This track also has the option to add our Gallery System Lighting, where light wands simply clip on and off as required. Perfect for art Galleries or art shows.

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These are the different components to the Standard Gallery Hanging system:

1. Select your track

Silver (Anodised) or White Powder coated

Standard Track white and silver
2. Select your hangers

Stainless Steel, Clear line or Clear tape

Stainless Steel hanger
3. Select your hooks

To support your artwork

Push Button hook
4. Add accessories

Optional accessories

5. Optional add-on Lighting

Bring your art to life!

Light wand diagram

Installation is easy!

Need help?

The Gallery System is simple to install and is design to be a based DIY job for any handyman. Alternatively enquire about our installation service in Sydney or Melbourne.

Enquire about our installation service

Everyone who has had anything to do with hanging the exhibition has raved about the ease with which your system worked plus the lighting. The latter also came from our audience to date plus some artists who have seen our website. So you have plenty of kudos there.

– Peter Boyle, The Channon Gallery

Just a quick message to thank you for your superb service. We have received your fabulous track system in a super fast time Your service is greatly appreciated as we are now finalising the gallery walls. Looking forward to using your systems in the future!

– Wayne, The Gentleman’s Apartment

At Dickerson Gallery we have been using The Gallery System for over 20 years. As a product it has evolved with our needs over that time. Because our gallery is located in a National Trust registered building with elaborate cornice work, we required an unobtrusive hanging system that would allow for rapid, “one person” changeovers of artworks. The Gallery System product allows us to do just that. We currently have the hanging track (in white) and we use the stylish stainless steel hangers and fittings to complement. This gives the display space a professional appearance and the product fits in so well with the space. It makes the gallery a flexible and easily worked space which is ideal.

– Dickerson Gallery, Woollahra

The installer was so lovely and helpful today – thanks for organising so quickly, I really appreciated it!

– Rebecca, Tigress Furniture

The hanging system is brilliant!

– Peta Dixon (Slimline System, home use)

The Slimline track looks fantastic, it blends in beautifully with my white ceiling and cream walls.. In fact, I’ll have to draw the family’s attention to it or they might not notice. Your installer did a great job at setting the tracks flush with the cornices. I’m waiting until next week when I have more spare time to go berserk hanging pictures. Thanks again Lisa, I’m really pleased with the result.

– Helen, Home use

The Gallery System was easy to install and looked fantastic! We transformed the space from nothing into a beautiful gallery in one day. The owners of Rawnsley Park Station were very impressed, so it made us look good too! The exhibition opening was awesome. Thank you!

– Catherine Bourne, Visual Artist

Hi Lisa, I just wanted to say a big thank you again for helping me with my lighting set up. I love them. I have finally got around to taking a picture and have attached it for you so you can see the finished product.

– Sarah Streets Studios, Brisbane

The Gallery System were responsible for providing the hanging system for the last St Joseph’s College Art Show. Lisa and her team from The Gallery System were very supportive throughout the process and Lisa’s professionalism and knowledge of the system was evident at every meeting. They demonstrated their ability to meet our specific needs and install a system to meet our specifications.

– Donna, St Josephs College Art Show Committee

I just love my Gallery System and have it installed though out my home, studio, and gallery spaces. The Gallery System gives me flexibility to change up my hang at any time and store multiple works on a wall. Recently I launched a rug collection with Design Rugs Australia and at the opening exhibition event we even hung the rugs from the system. I even use the gallery system within my studio instead of an easel, this gives me the ability to work on multiple works at a time at any height/level I need depending on the work.

– Lara Scolari Gallery, Balmain

We have had wonderful service from The Gallery System over many years and many hospital art projects from the very large to small, always with prompt supply and excellent pricing. The Slimline Track with security hooks has proved itself over and over. We trust the hanging of very valuable art works to their 1st class product.

– Malcolm Cook, Health and Research Centre

Shipping Information

We use couriers who deliver to all areas within Australia at a cost effective rate. The shipping cost will be displayed at checkout.

Where track is not required we generally use Australia Post.
You are also welcome to collect your order from our Sydney showroom  by prior arrangement. If you would like to do this please phone through your order.

Note: Most orders will arrive within a few days of ordering depending on your area. Whilst we will re-send any order that does not arrive within a four week period we cannot be held responsible for late deliveries due to Australia Post or courier error within this timeframe.

Build Your System

Create your order following the 5 easy steps below

Step 1 – Select your Track
The Gallery System track comes in 2 or 3m lengths in white powder coat or silver anodised finishes. The tracks can be cut and joined where required.
Standard Track white and silver

White powder coated or anodised aluminium (satin silver) Standard Track in 2m or 3m lengths. It can easily be cut to size with a hacksaw. The “V” groove in the top section will make it easy to drill and screw to the wall. Please feel free to contact us if you would like help working out your requirements.

Note: Minimum order of 2 lengths of 2m track or 4 lengths of 3m track for delivery.

Choose your track length and colour below. You can mix and match them if you need a certain length.





$ 42.00





$ 42.00





$ 74.00





$ 74.00
Gallery System end caps white

These end caps give a more finished look where track ends are exposed. They are sold individually.



$ 2.10



$ 2.10

The Standard CT Hanger pack contains 30m of strong clear tape and 10 locking capsules to hold the tape up into the track. The flat tape offers advantages over other nylon hangers.

  • Wide area of grip means the hooks won’t slip.
  • The hook always points outward ready to accept the picture.
  • Easy to cut the Clear Tape to size as needed. If you have any tape left over you can purchase extra locking capsules separately. These hangers must be inserted from the end of the track (ensure there is 4cm clearance for this purpose).
  • Weight bearing capacity is 15kg per hanger.
$ 62.90
TheGallerySystem Clearline Hangers 2400
  • The Clearline Hanger pack contains 10 x 2m strong clearline hangers.
  • Measuring only 1.2mm in diameter, this new product is the most unobtrusive hanger on the market.
  • These hangers are inserted into the track from the front at any point.
  • For use with the Slimline Mini Hooks or our new easy to use Clearline Push Button hooks.
  • Weight bearing capacity: 8kg per hanger
$ 72.80
TheGallerySystem StainlessSteelCable Hangers 2m 6.5ft 2400

These hangers are made from 1.2mm stainless steel cable and are designed for use with the Standard Track.

  • Pack includes 10 x 2m cables and 10 x track slides to hold the cable up into the track.
  • Allows you to fit the hangers at any point rather than having to feed them into the end of the track.
  • The ends of the cable are finished in our factory so that will not fray.
  • Excess cable below the picture can be coiled up and tucked behind the picture.
  • Weight bearing capacity: 30kg per hanger (20kg per hook)


1M – 10 Pack

$ 80.65


1.5M – 10 Pack

$ 99.70


2M – 10 Pack

$ 110.70


3M – 10 Pack

$ 132.70
Step 3 – Select your Hooks
Options include Mini Hooks (allen key adjusted) or easy to use Push button hooks.
TGS Clearline Push Button Hooks 2400
Push Button Hook for Clearline Hangers – 10 Pack
  • Easy to use tool-free operation. Simply push the button on top to move the hook.
  • For use with Clearline Hangers only.
  • Weight bearing capacity: 6kg (12kg using two hangers)
$ 99.00
Slimline Mini Hooks 2400
Slimline Mini Hooks – 10 Pack
  • The Slimline Mini Hook (pack of 10) can be used with Slimline Clearline, Clear Tape and Stainless Steel Cable Hangers.
  • The hook locks in place using the Allen key supplied in each pack.
  • Weight bearing capacity: 14kg on Stainless Steel, 7kg on Clear Tape and 8kg on Clearline Hangers.
$ 25.00
TheGallerySystem Adjustable Hooks 2400
Standard Adjustable Hooks – 10 Pack
  • Hooks are adjusted via an Allen Key (supplied with each pack with bright yellow hard to lose handle!)
  • Weight bearing capacity: 20kg on Standard Gallery System cable hangers (note: max weight on Gallery System Clear Tape Hangers is 15kg).
  • For use with Stainless Steel or Standard  Gallery  System Clear Tape Hangers only.
$ 62.90
TheGallerySystem SSC Push Button Hooks 2400
Standard Push Button Hooks – 10 Pack
  • The Standard Push-Button Hook suits the Stainless Steel Cable Hangers
  • This hook is extremely popular due to it’s easy tool-free operation – you simply push the button on the top to move the hook to a new position on the hanger.
  • Weight bearing capacity (on Gallery System cables): 20kg
$ 101.60
TGS Sercurity Push Button Hooks 2400
Push Button Security Hook – 10 Pack
  • Won’t come free unless you know how to activate the release. Ideal for protection from art theft, children, or accidental bumps.
  • For use with Stainless Steel Cable Hangers only.
  • Weight bearing capacity: 20kg
$ 106.90
Step 4 – Select your Accessories
A range of accessories to give that perfect end result.
HANGRIGHT CLIPS packaging 2400
Hang Right Clips

These clips screw to the top of the frame to solve the problem of some pictures leaning too far forward. They secure the hanger to the top of the frame. Sold in packs of 10.

$ 18.15
D ring 2
“D” rings

Medium One hole “D” rings. Framing accessory for back of artwork.

$ 0.55
Bump Dots
Bump Dots – Pack 50

Protect your walls and help pictures sit correctly with these thick black felt self adhesive bump dots.  15mm

$ 14.00
Kwik hanger 1
Foamcore Board Hangers – Pack 100

An ideal way to hang unframed artwork on foam core or corrugated board which is at least 1/4 inch thick. Great for schools and hanging kids artwork at home. Compatible with any of our hooks. They have sharp metal prongs that press into the back of the work, so again it’s important to use them only in situations where that’s not going to damage anything precious. But they do add invisible hanging points and have a specified capacity of 400g with one hanger or 800g with two. Place near the top of the artwork.

$ 40.00
Hangsell tab 1
Hangsell tabs – Pack 10

Hangsell Tabs make hanging art on cardboard quick and easy on any of our systems. They’re easy to use, simply stick the self-adhesive tabs onto the product and hang on a hook. They can hold up to 390g. Each tab measures 41x31mm. There are 50 clear tabs in the pack. Ideal for schools to hang kids artwork on the system.

$ 10.50
Step 5 – Consider adding Lighting
Clip on light wands really bring your art to life!
MICRO Lighting Kit 2000 1
Lighting Kit – 50 Watt

Micro 50 Kit includes electrical components to light up to 5m of track and power up to 5 x 7 watt LED lamps.
Includes 50watt transformer, 5m grey power cable and 10m roll double sided tape

$ 165.00
MINI Lighting Kit 2000 1
Mini 60 Lighting Kit

Mini 60 Kit includes electrical components to light up to 9m of track and power up to 8 x 7 watt LED lamps.
Includes 60watt transformer, 5m grey power cable and 10m roll double sided tape

$ 165.00
MAXI Lighting Kit 2000
Maxi 200 Lighting Kit

Kit includes electrical components to light up to 20m of track and power up to 18 x 7 watt LED lamps.
Includes 200VA transformer, 20m grey power cable, 50m roll double sided tape, 1 xPrewired Junction Box.

$ 450.00
Corner cover
Outside Corner Cover

These covers hide the blue power cable where there are gaps in The Gallery System track and where the system is installed around corners. There are covers for inside corners, outside corners
and small straight covers for any gaps in The Gallery System track. The covers are available in white or silver to match the track.



$ 8.60



$ 8.60
Inside Corner Cover Silver 1
Inside Corner Cover

These covers hide the blue power cable where there are gaps in The Gallery System track and where the system is installed around corners.  There are covers for inside corners, outside corners and small straight covers for any gaps in The Gallery System track.  The covers are available in white or silver to match the track.



$ 8.60



$ 8.60
Double sided tape 3
Double sided adhesive tape (10m roll)

To secure the electrical cord into the track.

$ 16.30
Wand Black LSide 1800 1
Light Wand

Low voltage wand that clips onto the Standard track. Power to the wand is carried through a flat power cable that sits in the top section of the track and carries 12 volt current (safe to handle) from the transformer. The wands simply lock onto the track at any point and light up. Available in either white or dark grey.

Length – 60cm. LED sold separately. Choose either Philips 7watt (black casing) or GE 7 watt (silver casing)



$ 58.70


Dark Grey

$ 58.70
Philips LED
Philips 7 watt LED lamp
$ 32.50
GE 7 watt 1
GE 7 watt LED lamp

The dimmable LED 7W MR16 bulb has a  wide beam angle, high lumens and dimming capability. Rated 25,000 hours, the 7W LED MR16 will last 10 times longer than 50W halogen equivalents.GE LED BULB MR16 7 Watt. Dimmable, Warm White (3000K), 60DEG, 550 Lumens, SILVER casing, 25,000 Hours

$ 32.50
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