Slimline System. Sleek and unobtrusive. Residential or Commercial.

Slimline Art Hanging System

Slimline Art Hanging System
A Discreet Picture Hanging Solution…
The Slimline System track is very discreet and is designed to look like a continuation of the cornice. It can also be flush-mounted to the ceiling. Installation is a basic DIY job (or ask about our installation services).
What do I need?
There are three basic components:
1. Track
2. Hangers (Stainless Steel, Clearline or Cleartape)
3. Hooks to support your artwork (Push button or Mini hooks for wire, Mini Hooks for Clearline or Clear Tape)
Track is available in Silver anodised or White Powdercoated.
Our Slimline Picture Hanging System allows you to change your display as frequently as you wish without ever repainting or patching holes in walls.
The Slimline System is the premium product in picture hanging hardware. This versatile, easy to use picture hanging system is the most popular in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and throughout Australia.
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