Slimline End caps

Slimline End Caps

These give a more finished look to the end of the track and can also be used where two lengths of the track meet on an outside corner.

sl_endcaps_p1 sl_endcaps_p3  sl_endcaps_p4_corner

The cap overlaps and covers the end of the track slightly so that if the track is not cut perfectly it won’t matter.
How the end caps work:
To cap the end of a single length of track push the End Cap into the end of the track.

Snap the twin end cover in two and fit the single cover into the End Cap.
To fit the cap to an outside corner push the End Cap into the track. Then fit one side of the twin cover into the End Cap.  The other side will hinge around and fit into the End Cap.  Inside corners don’t need End Caps as the track ends are not exposed.