Lighting System

Click here to download full PDF of Lighting Directions 2014

Planning Your Art Lighting System:The system comes in a prewired kit so there is only one cable (2 wires) for you to connect into the two available holes in the junction box (it doesn’t matter which wire goes into which hole).


Everything you need is in the kit except the light wands, LED or Halogen lamps and corner covers (they hide the blue power cable where it shows in the corners).  For larger areas you will need more than one kit.

CAUTION: When using halogen lamps the system is designed for 20 watt lamps. Stronger lamps may damage the system.

Need help planning your  lighting system?
If you need help send us a floor plan with measurements indicating where ideally you would like the track and lights are to go, we can then email you a quote and help plan your lighting system.