Q & A


(If your question is still unanswered please feel free to give us a call on 1300 889 313)

  • Q: Where can I see the system?
    A: You are welcome to view the system at our Sydney showroom by appointment.
  • Q: Does the track come in different lengths?
    A: Standard System track is available in 2m or 3m lengths. Slimline System is available in 2m lengths only. The lengths can easily be cut down to the required size with a hacksaw.
  • Q: Is there a manufacturer’s warranty?
  • A: Yes there is a lifetime warranty on the track and 10 years on all other components provided they are used according to manufacturers specifications. (full T&C’s available on request)
  • Q: Are there different finishes available?
    A: Yes! The track for both systems comes in Satin Anodized (silver) or Powder Coated White.
  • Q: What if I want to paint the track?
    A: Use the satin anodized finish – it’s receptive to all types of paint. For an additional cost we also can have track powder coated in any standard powder coat colour.
  • Q: Is the Standard track pre-drilled?
    A: No, because the hole spacing depends on the type of wall construction. Slimline track does not require drilling as it is secured via the wall anchors.
  • Q: Can I cut the track?
    A: Yes – both the Standard and Slimline track can easily be cut with a hacksaw.
  • Q: Is it easy to install?
    A: Yes, track installation is a basic handyman job. Alternatively our installation service is available within the Sydney or Melbourne Metropolitan areas.
  • Q: Can you hang more than one picture on each hanger?
    A: Yes, as many as you like but check maximum weight recommendations.
  • Q: What type of hanger should I choose? A: Stainless Steel are the strongest, Clearline are the most unobtusive and Clear Tape are the most cost effective. You may choose to use a combination of these hangers.
  • How do I know the brand of the system I currently have?
    A: If you are unsure simply email us a photo to lisa@thegallerysystem.com.au and we will try to help identify it.
  • Q: How can we get a free sample?
    A: Please email to request a free sample of either the Standard or Slimline system – info@thegallerysystem.com.au
  • Q: Can the Gallery Lighting System be fitted to existing Gallery System installations?
    A: Yes, but only to ‘The Gallery System’ Standard track. Lighting is not available on the Slimline System.
  • Q: How many lights will run off one transformer?
    A:  A 200VA transformer will run up to 18 x 7watt LED lamps . Our 60watt transformers will run up to 8x7watt lamps.
  • Q: What length of track can be fed by one transformer?
    A: Generally up to 18m with the 200va transformer. The power input to the track should be near the centre of the total length of track as low voltage will not travel long distances the way 240 volt power does.
  • Q: Do I need an electrical contractor to install the system?
    A: You are not legally obliged to use a licensed contractor with low voltage systems. They come with a standard power plug. You may however wish to use a contractor to recess the transformer in a ceiling cavity. Simple installations can be done by a handyman, but if in doubt use an electrical contractor. For any work on 240 volt wiring you must use a licensed contractor.
  • Q: How does the Current reach the lamp?
    A: Sharp probes on the light wand penetrate the cable in the track to make contact.
  • Q: How do I carry the power around corners?
    A: The power cable bends around the corners. Special corner covers fit over the track to hide the cable.
  • Q: Are the lamps adjustable vertically?
    A: Yes. The lamp slides along the curved stainless steel rods so you can aim the light anywhere from 60cm below the track down to the bottom of the wall.
  • Q: Is the Gallery Lighting System the only lighting needed in a hanging area?
    A: No. The system is designed to highlight the art so you will still need a central overhead light fitting or similar to provide an overall level of lighting in the room.
  • Q: Can the lights damage artworks?
    A: No. Providing that the correct lamps are used. Poor quality lamps can cause problems of excess heat, which may cause damage or excess ultra violet light, which may fade colours. In halogen we recommend the “Precise Constant Colour” lamp by G.E or if LED is preferred Philips or GE 7watt LED 60D. We cannot over-emphasise the importance of using the correct lamp.


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